I am the definition of a musical theatre student.
Currently training at WAPA.
I wanted it to be unapologetic. I was like ‘You don’t like me for who I am, watch me be even more who I am. Taylor Swift about Shake It Off (x)

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do any millionaires follow me that are bored

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You know you’re an adult when you quote American Beauty instead of Katy Perry’s Firework when you see a plastic bag floating in the wind

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how to tell if someone is really bisexual:

  • if a true bisexual utters their name backwards, it will send them back to their home dimension for a minimum of 90 days. 
  • fire type bisexuals will always be able to learn the move solarbeam, unless they are flareon. 
  • biologically, bisexuals are incapable of going down stairs.
  • some bisexuals are unable to cast a shadow, though this is currently up for debate

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there’s literally no point in teaching girls to be body positive if you only use men’s opinions for validation like “boys like girls with curves” nah get that the fuck out of here

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